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Introducing Whittacam

Online publication has introduced Whitticam – a web cam with the same view you’d get sitting on the Whittaker Pointe clubhouse porch.

WhittaCam shows Whittaker Pointe Marina and the Whittaker Creek Channel entrance, with the Neuse River in the background.


Click here to see Whittacam.

C-Dorys / C-Brats Coming Sept 19 & 20

The 8th Annual C-Dory / C-Brats NC gathering is Sept 19 & 20 2014 at Whittaker Pointe Marina. C-Dory’s from throughout the southeast will converge. Previous gatherings have had over 30 boats in attendance.

C-Dory’s line up with the Whittaker Pointe clubhouse in the background
(2008 Gathering – photo courtesy

Hurricane Season 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014: Hurricane season is here. Hopefully, this year will pass without another hurricane Irene.

I just want to take a moment to share our suggestions for securing your yacht:

“Securing You Yacht” is a downloadable document – click here.

It has been updated since going through Hurricane Irene (Irene visited in 2011). For insurance purposes a lot of policy restrictions don’t kick in until the end of June. Even if it is old hat, review the attachment again and make your plans in case of a storm.

One big recommendation we have made based on hurricane Irene is that it is strongly recommended that you haul your boat in the event a hurricane is forecasted for our area. It is too much to expect that you can set your lines to account for a 9 ft. storm surge. And with the high winds and docks underwater, you can’t safely get to your boat to take any corrective action.

Even if we are not under a hurricane or tropical storm threat, summer is thunder storm season too. And in strong thunderstorms we have seen winds of 50 and 60 kts. and they can leave your Bimini in tatters. It is best to make plans now because you may not have much time later. Remember you have to take time off work, travel here, and then do the preparations. Buy what you need ahead of time because when a storm threatens, they will be out of everything you need.

Don’t include us in your plans. Remember, securing and leaving your vessel prepared is your responsibility. We will check your boats and correct problems that we see and feel are necessary, but there are no guarantees. It we get storm conditions, our priorities are:

  • Our boats and property (no surprise there)
  • The marina
  • Boats at the dock

If we see it is necessary to add/change your dock lines, add chafe gear, or correct significant problems on your boat, we will invoice you for labor and any material costs, ie., line and chafe gear. Don’t worry, I am only talking about issues that go beyond checking and adjusting dock lines, fenders and power cords. Last year we were also able to move several boats for haul out, but it all depends on people and availability. Once again, don’t include us in your plans.

Hopefully, we won’t have a direct hit this year. Just like at home, make a hurricane plan (or check list) for your boat. It is always better to be conservative. If a storm is forecasted, don’t wait until the last minute, start your preps early.

One last thing. Everyone is asked to provide us a copy of your current boat insurance policy, liability and hull insurance. One of the boats that sunk during Irene did not have current insurance which caused a problem we are still in litigation over.

In the mean time, come on down and enjoy.

Ashley, Butch, Carol and BO, Dock Master

Boat Lifts Now Available

Our first custom boat lift is installed and in use. For you power boaters that what to have their boat handy and not worry about bottom paint, take a look. Lifts available for purchased slips.